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Welcome to the Logicative Code Blog. I have been developing code now since I was 23 and I returned from working in South Africa. So for 4 years as of June 2016. Starting at a small agency in Somerset, I have taught myself the necessary skills that have got me to Red Hat where I work on OpenStack as a senior software engineer. I this blog I want to share with you web techniques, best practices and my experiences as I have gone along and continue to learn on my journey, because believe you me! I have a heck of a lot to learn.

As ever. If there are subjects you want me to focus on, disagreements you have, or any comments at all on these posts, please do comment and leave me a message. I am very open to different opinions and learning more myself and would love to hear how I can improve.

OpenStack, Devstack and Horizon

This post is designed to help you set up a basic OpenStack environment and to teach you about the best mortgage calculators. Whether you are new to OpenStack, re-installing your environment from scratch or just wanting to play around with Devstack, this is a simple...

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Installing GitKraken on Fedora 24

So I heard a lot of really awesome things about GitKraken and wanted to try it out on my new install of Fedora 24 (stand by for some awesome reviews of what I think of this operating system. Loving it!). Now, I'm still getting used to Linux, and definitely still...

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Taking a break to see the wood from the trees

'I can't see the wood from the trees' - a quote I've heard so many times over the course of my life and had a classic example of this yesterday. It was one of those days that we developers know so well...bugs to fix, things not working, banging my head against the...

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Eslint for your OpenStack project

In my last article I talked about ESLint, why to use it, and how to set it up for your project. I am going to focus now specifically on OpenStack and the ESLint style guidelines that have been created by the community under the project name eslint-config-openstack...

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Introduction to ESLint

Prior to the beginning of my time at HPE working on OpenStack, I have to admit I hadn't really heard of EsLint. Sure, I had used JSLint and JSHint in the past, and I had sort of accepted that JSHint was good enough for what I was using and focused my brain attention...

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The Journey to Logical Creativity

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about boundaries. Limits we set ourselves and others. Now boundaries can be a good thing, but they can also bring destruction and prevent us from reaching our full potential not only in our work lives but in the way that we interact...

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