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Welcome to my food blog! Follow my journey and join in as I learn to cook healthy recipes and meals that look and taste amazing.

I realised recently that I was eating far too many ready meals after a long day of work when I couldn’t be bothered to do anything more. Once in a while that is FINE! I am saying no different to that! Everyone needs lazy days! But the amount that was happening was having an impact on my health and weight. The thing is, I have always loved cooking! So I am starting to cook properly again. Learn techniques and recipes that don’t take too much time, are fun, healthy and absolutely delicious. So this is my journey and experiences!

Paprika Recipes – App Review

Logicative has not been paid or even asked to write this review of Paprika, the opinions and statements made below are that of Logicative. This is a review of the iPhone app for Paprika, however, the Android, iPad, Mac and PC apps have also been tested and work...

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Back to baking!

Last weekend was my boyfriend's parents anniversary so I thought no better time than to get back into novelty cake making! It's been a couple of years since I last gave it a go so I was pretty pleased with the outcome! I did my detective work in advance and found out...

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