So I heard a lot of really awesome things about GitKraken and wanted to try it out on my new install of Fedora 24 (stand by for some awesome reviews of what I think of this operating system. Loving it!). Now, I’m still getting used to Linux, and definitely still getting the hang of Fedora, so it was frustrating to find that things did not just install smoothly the way I would expect.

On GitKraken’s download page there is a link to download the Gzip for Linux systems including Fedora 21+. Awesome! However, on installing it, running the install script did absolutely nothing. Looking to the support page for GitKraken, they say that currently Fedora is actually not supported after all. Sad times indeed for the happy me that had downloaded the package all excited to try it out.

Never fear! It turns out there is a really simple way to get it working perfectly. It turns out that Fedora is just missing the libXScrnSaver library.

sudo dnf install libXScrnSaver

If you run the above script and then try running the GitKraken script again, you will find that it runs perfectly! YAY!

Happy coding all!

gitkraken logo for how to install gitkraken on fedora 24 blog post

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