‘I can’t see the wood from the trees’ – a quote I’ve heard so many times over the course of my life and had a classic example of this yesterday. It was one of those days that we developers know so well…bugs to fix, things not working, banging my head against the desk trying to work out what on earth is wrong. For myself at least, when things aren’t working, I really struggle to move past that to see the bigger picture. I have to get that issue sorted or I can’t relax or move on. After hours of trying to work it out, my American coworkers came online and I got some other eyes on the situation. It turns out it was me missing off a set of parentheses on an AngularJS element. Still valid without the parentheses so no error, but not the result I was needing.

That is just one example of so many cases of seeing the same code time and time again and missing something that on a refreshed brain would be obvious. We all have super busy days and deadlines, but it is so important for all of our brains to have the rest they need. It was a really good reminder and nudge for me to miss something that simple by looking at the same thing for too long. To learn that no matter how busy the day may be, sometimes the most productive thing to do is actually to take a break.

Taking a break to see the wood from the trees

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