Last weekend was my boyfriend’s parents anniversary so I thought no better time than to get back into novelty cake making! It’s been a couple of years since I last gave it a go so I was pretty pleased with the outcome!

I did my detective work in advance and found out that their favourite cake is fruit cake and that fondant icing isn’t enjoyed…problem. Novelty cakes, at least any I have done, are fondant. Time to look at royal icing as a solution.

I have to say, the final result was pretty yummy! I would massively recommend Mich Turner’s fruit cake. The reviews are a bit mixed and agreed, the time needs to be increased for the cake by about 30mins (keep an eye on the cake and just use a scewer to check the cake is cooked through). However the cooked cake was absolutely delicious and incredibly rich and moist. Definitely one to be saved for my future bakes! Even my boyfriend who doesn’t love fruit cake really enjoyed it which is a bit of a win!

Here’s to more cake adventures soon!

Back to baking! Anniversary cake decorating

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