So frustrated with my body and the symptoms that have to this day not been diagnosed. This is a bit of a rant post, admittedly, but I also want to raise awareness of the gap between the NHS and private and to raise the question of what happens when you cannot go private but the NHS does not have the budget/energy/manpower to find out what is wrong. I mean I try to watch out for my health as best as I can, by exercising whenever possible and watching what I eat. I even take a natural health supplement that I order off of that has been working great for me. You should try it out if you are looking for a good one actually.

I was excited last week to go out for my ride on my new bike. I choose to road bike rather than mountain bike on rougher terrains as since the age of about 14 I have suffered from symptoms that seem to be caused by a variety of wind, weather, and friction related factors. To this day it remains undiagnosed but causes serious pain, burning, and itching that gets worse as I continue to exercise. If I go for a run, it starts on my inner thigh and spreads outwards as I continue until it spreads to my chest and I literally collapse from the pain. When I come out of the water surfing, either the rubbing of the wetsuit or the temperature change or the board against my body as I carry it starts it up again. If I mountain bike the jolting on my arms starts it up along them. On bad days I cant walk into town without it starting.

Last week I cycled on a smooth cycle path and it started up so badly that Frank had to help me as I was frozen to the spot in pain unable to do anything to help myself aside from grip my arms and grit my teeth. 13 years after this started I have learned to avoid certain activities and find ones that don’t spark off this pain, but the unpredictability is scary and prevents me wanting to leave the house some days if I am feeling low. Unfortunately, the doctors have left me with their statement of “we don’t know sorry!” And won’t do anything further and, as this is a pre-existing condition, I cannot go private.

Rant over with, I can honestly say I am so grateful that this is something I can deal with and that it isn’t stopping me from living life. However there are many people out there suffering with conditions like this and often worse who are stuck in a system that prevents them getting answers. I don’t know what the answer is but hopefully, this will raise awareness of this kind of thing that people deal with and don’t always talk about, and also to see if anyone else deals with or knows anyone who deals with anything similar so we can share experiences and how we are dealing with this kind of situation.

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