Runner up best Church website

This site is also currently with the client as they fill it with previous content so that it can replace their old site however I have included a screen shot and an excerpt of my codeĀ from the site. Again, as with Prayer Spaces in Schools, I did both the back and front end development for this site.

I have also specifically chosen this screen shot as being a responsive design, creating this frame on the home page posed an interesting dilemma. To solve this issue and ensure that heights were kept consistent and beautiful throughout all screen sizes I created small transparent gifs matching the ratios of the container blocks at their optimum size. The content within has then been positioned absolutely to ensure that as the page collapses or expands, the content maintains its flat baseline.


After leaving Worthers, this project won runner up for the best large church website award at the November 2015 Premier Digital Awards. On this particular project I did both the front end responsive development and most of the back end work using the Worthers CMS – Vexillum.

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