Cost effective code for non-profits

Vanilla is the custom features back end installation package for the Worthers CMS that I worked on during my time at the company. I developed this code to allow for an automated database creation solution to enable less time to be spent on developing the repetitive areas of the site and more time to be creative and create the best possible solution for the budget of our customer.

I first decided to start developing Vanilla after I started doing full stack development, and quickly realised that, as our client base was mostly from the non-profit sector, a lot of the criteria for the sites were the same. For example, they all required a blog space, events, about the organisation etc etc. By developing this code I started to cut down on the time it took to develop the database framework, with custom arrangements that could be input during the setup wizard that would then create a semi-custom but automated database ready for the creative work to begin.

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